I've been active in internet development for the last 10 years as a designer and developer, but lately have focused on tableless design, web standards, and site usability and architecture.

Here’s what others have to say about me and my work:

“Through the years that I’ve known Tad, he has constantly sought better and more resourceful ways to design, develop, and implement web and digital media content. He is very aware of the human factor and the need to enhance usability to achieve the best possible end result. To boot, he writes some of the cleanest code I’ve ever seen.”

Andrew Wachholz, Interactive Creative Director, Axcept Media, LLC

“Tad is a very exceptional person to work with. He is very talented and knows web development. His proficiency is due to the amount of knowledge he brings to the table on any web development project. I’ve known Tad for several years now and I have not once seen him waiver in his web skills. He is a true professional. It is my pleasure to recommend Tad to any professional agency.”

Victor Valdez, Multimedia Specialist, Aerosim Technologies

“Tad did a nice job of balancing internal and external input, complex requirements, user needs and visual design to help create a smart, usable tool for ISM. He was also fast and easy-going, making it easier to keep the project moving.”

–Roy Neal, Information Architect, Straight Line Theory, Inc.

“Tad’s CSS/HTML knowledge significantly improved the organization’s coding standards and best practices. Many of the improvements he recommended in 2005 continue to positively impact our work several years later.”

–Martine Kline, Senior Web Developer, FindLaw

“It has been a pleasure to work with Tad when we were together in FindLaw. He is methodical, meticulous and sharp. He has a flair for design and his coding skills are excellent. Tad is always ready to try new techniques and approaches which made him much sort after person in the Web Development team. I would highly recommend him for being a great team player and what he does in the field of web development.”

–Akhil Saklani, Search Marketing & Web Analytics, FindLaw